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  Activities of GCDAWP
  • Feeds :
  • Supplying the members with high quality concentrated feeds and feed ingredients.
  • In the field of silage production:
  • The G.C found the best solution to decrease the cost of feeds for milk and meat producers by producing silage from maize due to its high nutrition value by using good sorts and applying appropriate cultivation methods the G.C undertakes technical supervision in order to help its member in producing silage.
  • In thefield of Artificial Insemination :
  • The G.C import the frozen semen from the best 100 bulls in the world to be used by its members to raise the productivity of dairy cattle. Artificial insemination by frozen semen achieved large improvements in the production of milk in the farms.
  • In the field of mechanization and main-tenance :
  • The specialized technical staff in ma-chines department undertaken work of in-stallation and maintenance parlours , milking the necessary spare parts and all requirement of farms . The G.C supported its staff by training programs in advanced countries in the field of milking machines
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